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👤 Екатерина Фирсова

20 Aug 2016

❞ From all my heart I thank ELA (English Language Academy) for that nice and useful 2 weeks which I spent there in last August. It was my first experience of studying of English in language school abroad and I can say absolutely honestly about my progress already after one week. Very friendly atmosphere, very kind and warm relation is very important for everybody who has some fear about overcoming of language barrier. And all the time I felt myself absolutelly comfortably and after 2 weeks I knew: something has changed in my inner world and this learning (even such short) could expande borders of my opportunities and give me some ""language freedom"".  And I am absolutely sure: if my English is insufficiently good now that it only because I didn't give to myself the chance to make it better smile emoticon. The huge gratitude to the director of ELA and also to my teachers Kristian and Caroline. In ELA I have met friends, very dear for me now, and I will never be able to forget this experience and that time together. 

Separate gratitude to Sergey Smirnov for his understanding, help and attention. I hope that I will be able to continue training and to arrive to ELA again. Thanks to all!


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